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Alfa Romeo Rear Radius Arm Replacement

Replacing the rear radius arm, models covered: Alfa Romeo 147, 156 & GT

Remove road wheel

Remove road wheel

Alfa 147 Rear Radius Arm

Mark position of washer on inner end of radius arm as this adjusts the tracking

Alfa Romeo 156 rear suspension

Lubricate all bolts to be undone

Alfa Suspension Bolts

Undo outer securing bolt.

Tap out outer securing bolt

Free off outer securing bolt.
Using suitable drift tap out outer securing bolt.

Undo inner securing nut while holding the bolt in position.
Fit new radius arm, making sure that the inner bolt does not rotate, fit the road wheel then lower the car to the ground and do up the final turn of the bolts so the bushes are in the correct position with the car on the ground.
Get rear suspension geometry checked.

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