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2001 Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon 2.0 Twin Spark

Price: £(GBP) 1,500
  • 108,000 miles
  • Black
  • RHD
  • South Wales, United Kingdom
  • Petrol
  • Manual
  • MOT due 2014-06-23
  • Seller: Private

FOR SALE Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon - 2.0 (Dual Fuel - LPG)

Black metallic paintwork with red leather.

108,000 miles

MOT until June 23rd 2014

TAX June 2014


(Car will be available for viewing after Wednesday 23rd April and I am away from internet access until then)

Full major service history with the Alfa Workshop in Royston (2x CAM belts in my ownership details below)

One former owner and has been in my ownership since 54,000 miles (LPG added 58,000)

Oil and filter service annually (June) by myself (I have access to a pit)

Vehicle History:

One former owner:

I bought this car from a gentleman who restored Lancia's in Wrexham. They had used it as a family car and as a daily driver to the school that his wife worked at. They bought it from an online car supermarket and had serviced it and stamped the book. The car was SORN when I purchased it as they had bought a replacement vehicle. I have the document for this period.

My ownership:

I bought it from them with the cam belt coming up for replacement, which was done as soon as I purchased the vehicle at the Alfaworkshop in Royston. I live in Swansea, traveled 4.5 hours as I believed they were the best option and had heard lots of good stories about Jamie Porter, the owner. They did such a good job that I have only ever used them for major servicing since and my local garage has fitted other parts that have needed less specialist knowledge. I have checked the oil levels weekly and never had any issues with overheating. In fact I have not had one issue other than a flat battery and the parts you would expect to need replacing of a car of this age.

Work carried out during my ownership:

Alfa Workshop:

12/08/09 CAM belt change (55,489 miles)
Balancer shaft belt
Cam belt tensioner
Balancer shaft belt tensioner
Auxillary belt

07/04/11 Replace Anti-roll Bar
Replace Upper Wishbone
Replace Hub bushes
4 wheel Alignment

17/02/12 CAM belt change (85908 miles)
Balancer shaft belt
Cam belt tensioner
Balancer shaft belt tensioner
Rear Wiper blade

LPG (with certificate of conformity): Zero issues with this system and it runs really well with NO POWER LOSS)

14/01/10 LPG fitted @ 59,764 miles (£1431 - Romano Autogas system)

Serviced annually at the garage that fitted the system and next service due 01/14 - about an hours labour.

Local garage / specialist suppliers:

14/07/09 4x brake discs and pads

20/07/09 Replace brake fluid

15/04/10 All transverse rear control arms x4

03/12/10 Replaced Gearbox oil

05/04/11 Wheels fully refurbished (Powder Coated)

28/05/11 Air Con re-gas

28/01/12 2 x rear wheel bearings
Rear brake pads
Anti-freeze change

16/02/12 RAC - Bosch Battery (4 Year warranty)

28/04/12 Thermostat replaced and anti-freeze flushed and replaced.

12/06/12 Rear Exhaust
Offside Front Top Suspension Arm
Offside front steering rack gator
Under seal top up

17/12/12 Gearbox reconditioned @ 95,000 miles (Bearing on the differential and Y fork selector for third gear)
Replaced power steering pipe

24/07/13 Shocks/Spring sets (Autolusso Parts)

31/ 07/13 Fitter rear suspension units (the self levelling system started to sag)

21/10/13 Crank sensor replaced

Good points:

The car drives great and has given my no problems at all. It is a 2001 vehicle so obviously it is not like a new car so please do not expect everything to be perfect.
However I am quite a fussy person and hopefully from the above details you can see that this car has been properly serviced. With the LPG it really is a cheap car to run at 69p per litre.

Red leather is in great condition for its age - I properly clean and feed it regularly and this has helped it stay supple looking fresh. Its a great place to sit.

It has a tow hitch - I think I have used it five times to go to the recycling tip and back.

Bad points:

Lacquer is peeling off a few panels and rear bumper, one wheel has curbing, airbag light is on (passenger seat sensor - common fault), one of the nearside wishbones makes a sound over bumps at low speeds - cheap fix at a local garage. SIde skirts have been damaged due to the sagging rear suspension that was replaced - replaced the exhaust and drove off the garage ramp and they hit the ramp - easy fix. Recently the central locking has stopped working - I have not looked into this and am assuming it is only the connection between the key and the car as it works fine on the key and all door centrally lock.

I am looking for a buyer who would appreciate a mechanically well maintained car but understands that it not a new vehicle, hence the asking price of £1500.

Reason for selling - I had an offer on another vehicle that ticks a box for me. I have bought this vehicle and the 156 is now surplus to requirement.



Service History:
2012-02-1785,908Cam belt replacement. rear wiper. .View *
2011-04-0774,388cheak rear wheel alinement. Check a ..View *
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Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon 2.0 Twin Spark
Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon 2.0 Twin Spark Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon 2.0 Twin Spark Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon 2.0 Twin Spark
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