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How To... Remedy a non selecting 4th Gear

Models covered: Alfa Romeo 145/146/155/147/156/166 with 1.6/1.8/2.0 engines

Alfa Romeo Wheels

Remove the locking wheel nut cover with long nose pliers then undo with the locking wheel nut socket. Loosen the rest of the nuts with a normal socket head. Elevate the vehicle, place on two axle stands and remove the front wheel. Take extreme safety precautions when working underneath a car.

Alfa Undertray removal

Undo engine under tray and remove.

Alfa Undertray


Alfa Romeo wheel arch cover removal

Undo wheel arch side cover

Alfa Romeo gearbox support

Prop up the gear box so when you remove the end casing mounting bolts, the next gasket seal doesn

Removal of gearbox end casing

Undo the ‘gear box end casing’ bolts.

Remove Gearbox endcasing using a rubber hammer

Tap casing with a soft hammer to loosen it.

Removal swarf from inside gearbox end casing

Remove swarf from inside the bottom of the gearbox...

Alfa gearbox end casing

...and from end casing.

Apply gasket sealant to end casing and refit

Clean the casing face and then apply a gasket sealant. Reassemble in the reverse order.

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