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All parts are genuine or direct from the original equipment manufacturer. These are the exact same parts we use in the workshop, so are well proven. There are loads of "How To" articles on the site, but if you buy the parts from us and you get stuck, we fit them day in and day out so will be able to give you some pointers if you get in contact via your email address or phone number that you ordered with.


   Alfa Romeo Giulietta Piston. Part Number ARROWS127ISS1
Engine Variants: 1750 TBi
Brand: AlfaWorks
Description: Conrod Set. Set of x4 con rods for 2.0 litre conversion on 1750 engine, you will need a modified crank to suit the 1750 block. Our steel con rods are fully machined by Arrow to our specification using double air re-melted 817M40 forgings. All rods are shot peened using a fully automated process to increase fatigue strength and durability. The rods are balanced end over end into matched engine sets and are 100% magnaflux crack detected prior to final inspection by CMM in a temperature controlled inspection department. Our design team worked closely with Arrow using the latest CAD CAM technology to optimise the design for full race applications. As part of the design process, we also worked closely with the fastener manufacturer, ARP, to select the best available bolts for this project.
Part No: ARROWS127ISS1
Availabilities: 1 In Stock
Our Price:£2,220.00 inc VAT
Excluding VAT:1+ £1850.00
5+ £1,698.46
10+ £1,577.22

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