Alfa Romeo "How To..." Workshop Guides

These guides serve as an introduction into various Alfa maintenance tasks and are designed to give Alfa owners a better understanding of the work that is involved. They aren't full Alfa Romeo workshop manuals, where you will find the official techniques, technical specs and important safety considerations, which we would recommend you studying before you attempt any of these tasks.

As we get time we will be building up our workshop guides into what will hopefully be an extensive and comprehensive library. You can start by having a look through the our Diagnosis Pages (first links) which link through to the rest of the "How To..." pages, or click on you model. Alternatively you can go straight to the guide by selecting it from the list below.

Jamie's Alfa 156/147/GT Fault Diagnosis Guide
Jamie's Alfa GTV/Spider Fault Diagnosis Guide
Jamie's Alfa 159/Brera/Spider Fault Diagnosis Guide

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Brakes & steering
Giulia/Stelvio 2.9 rear brake pads and discs replacement
Giulia 2.9 Quadrifoglio rear wheel bearing replacement
Giulia/Stelvio 2.9 front brake disc and pads replacement
Giulia/Stelvio 2.0 Rear brake discs and pads replacement
4C steering rack removal
MiTo electronic steering column removal
Giulia/Stelvio (280hp) 2.0 front brake pads and discs replacement
159/Brera track rod replacement
159/Brera 2.2 JTS high pressure power steering hose replacement.
GTV/Spider handbrake cable replacement.
Stelvio spare wheel fitment guide
159/Brera/Spider power steering pump removal
GTV/Spider/3.0/GTA inner CV boot replacement.
159/Brera power steering reservoir replacement.
Changing a front wheel bearing on a GTV Twin Spark
How to replace Alfa MiTo front brake pads and discs
Replacing the wheel bearing on an Alfa Romeo 159 or Brera
Replacing the Front wheel bearing on an Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Replacing the handbrake cables on an Alfa Romeo 147, GT or 156
Replacing front brake pads and disks on a Giulia
Alfa romeo Giulia rear brake pads and disk replacement
How to change a GTV/Spider/145/146/155 wheel bearing
Alfa Romeo 147, 156 & GT Rear Wheel Bearing Change
Alfa Romeo Brera/159 Front Brake Pad Change
Alfa SZ/75/Alfetta/GTV6 brake pad removal guide
Alfa Romeo GTA/166 3.2 Front Brake Pads Change
How to change rear brake pads on Alfa 147/156/GTV/GT

159/Brera 1750 TBi clutch, concentric slave cylinder, flywheel and rear main oil seal replacement.
Brera/Spider/159 clutch master cylinder replacement.

4C Air Conditioning Condenser Removal
Giulietta 1.6/2.0 EGR valve coolant housing replacement
MiTo 1.4 Multiair TB radiator removal
GT/156/GTV/Spider JTS 2.0 thermostat removal
GT/156/GTV/Spider JTS 2.0 rigid coolant pipe removal
Brera Radiator removal
GTV 3.0 Oil cooler replacement

Giulia/Stelvio 2.2 cam belt replacement
159 1.9 JTDM Intake manifold removal
4C 2.0 Litre Engine Conversion
4C cam belt and water pump replacement (part 1)
4C cam belt and water pump replacement (part 2)
Giulia 2.9 auxiliary belt replacement
159/Brera/Spider 2.0 diesel turbo removal
Brera 3.2 JTS starter motor removal
Giulia 2.0 auxiliary belt removal
Variator relief kit for a Twin Spark
MiTo/Giulietta 1.4 Turbo Multiair (actuator) unit removal
MiTo 1.4 8v (78hp) Cam belt change
159/Brera/Spider 1750 TBi auxiliary belt, tensioner and top idler removal.
Twin spark rocker cover gasket replacement.
Giulietta 1.6/2.0 cam belt replacement
Giulia 2.0 engine bay
MiTo/Giulietta/500X 1.4 multiair TB 170hp cam belt removal
Changing the turbo on an Alfa 4C
Alfa 1750 TBi Cam belt change
Replacing the idle control stepper motor
Replacing the EGR valve on a 1.9 JTDm engine
Replacing the balancer shaft belt on a TS or JTS engine
Changing the water pump, cam belt and variator on an Alfa Romeo 1.6 or 1.8 litre engine
How to replace the crankshaft sensor on a TS or JTS engine
How to change a cam belt and water pump on a 156, 147 or GT JTDm
Repairing and Alfa Romeo JTDm with broken cam belt
Alfa Romeo 159 and Brera timing chain replacement
How to change the cam belt on a 159/Brera 2.4 diesel
Alfa Romeo Key code system
Alfa Giulia Engine Strip
How To... Cure Squealing Brakes
JTD Cam Belt Change Guide
Alfa v6 Cam Belt Change
Alfa Romeo 2.0 litre Cambelt Change
Alfa 1.6 & 1.8 Cam Belt Replacement
Alfa CF1/2/3 Engine Identification

Engine management
Stelvio/Giulia 2.9 spark plug removal
159 1.9 JTDM alternator replacement
4C immobiliser coding
4C stage 2 ECU fitment
159/Brera battery and battery tray removal
MiTo 0.9 Turbo coil pack, spark plug & air filter removal.
Stelvio/Giulia back up key removal from key fob
Stelvio/Giulia 2.0 spark plug removal
MiTo 1.4 16 valve spark plug, air filter and coil pack removal.
MiTo/Giulietta 1.4 multiair Turbo spark plug replacement
MiTo dash warning lights
Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider dash Warning lights
Alfa Romeo 159 and Brera warning lights
Warning lights on the Alfa 147 and GT
Changing the spark plugs on a Giulietta Multiair
Spark Plug Renewal on Alfa Romeo 2.0l Twin Spark Engines

Exterior Bodywork
Giulia 2.9 spoiler splitter actuator replacement
4C window regulator removal
MiTo window regulator replacement
GTV/Spider window regulator removal
GTV/Spider window regulator conversion
MiTo boot wiring loom replacement.
Giulietta interior door handle replacement.
Giulietta boot wiring loom replacement.
159/Brera bonnet release handle support
Giulietta petrol flap release solenoid and pivot spring pin replacement.
159/Brera front sub frame removal
147 front wiper motor and linkage removal.
Brera/Spider front door card removal.
Brera bumper and headlight removal.
MiTo 1.4 Multiair TB front bumper removal
159 rear window regulator removal.
How to cure a faulty heated rear window on a GTV
147/GT Door card removal.
147/GT Door handle removal
MiTo front wiper motor with linkage replacement
How to jack up the Alfa 4C
Getting the hood back up on a Brera Spider in an emergency
How to find the chassis number on an Alfa Romeo
How to replace a rear wiper blade on an Alfa Romeo
How to change the wiper blades on a Brera or Alfa 159
How to fit the rear window in a 916 spider hood
How to replace the rear parcel shelf clip on a GT or 147 Alfa
The 101 project continues
The 101 is now in bare metal
How to fit a Giulia spider hood
How to cure the horn push on an Alfa 156/147 and GT
Repairing the 101 chassis
Removal of the sills on a Giulia 101
Stripping a 101 body shell down
Fixing the hole in the 101's body
Alfa Romeo SZ/RZ Dash Removal
Solving GTV wind noise problems
Alfa Romeo Model Identification

Stelvio 2.2 fuel filter replacement
Giulia 2.2 Diesel fuel filter replacement
Giulia 2.9 air filter removal
Giulia pollen filter replacement
159/Brera/Spider Pollen filter removal
MiTo 0.9 Turbo oil & oil filter change
Stelvio/Giulia 2.0 air filter removal
Stelvio 2.0 oil and oil filter change
Giulietta 2.0 JTDM Oil And Oil Filter Change
MiTo 1.4 16 valve oil change.
Giulietta Diesel fuel filter replacement
4C air filter replacement
4C oil and oil filter change
MiTo/Giulietta 1.4 multiair Turbo oil & filter change
Fuel filter change
Changing the air filter on a 147 or GT Diesel
Replacing the oil filter on an Alfa Romeo 2.4 JTDm
Oil and filter change on an Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0l
Changing the oil and filter on a 156, 147 or GT Diesel
Replacing the fuel filter on an Alfa Romeo 156, 147 or GT
Replacing the air filter on an Alfa Romeo 156, GT 3.2 and a 147 GTA
How to change the pollen filter on an Alfa Romeo 156, 147 or GT
Replacing the air filter on an Alfa Romeo 159/Brera
Changing the oil and filter on an Alfa Romeo Brera or 159 2.0l JTDm
How to replace the fuel filter on an Alfa Romeo 159 or Brera
How to change an Air Filter on an Alfa Romeo 147 or GT 16 valve petrol
How to change the oil filter on a Twin spark engine
Changing the oil and filter on a Brera or 159 2.2JTS
How to change the oil and filter on a Giulietta multiair
Giulietta air filter replacement.

Fluids & lubricants
Stelvio/Giulia 2.9 oil and oil filter replacement
Giulia 2.0 litre oil & filter change
Stelvio/Giulia 2.2 oil and oil filter change
Stelvio/Giulia 2.0 engine oil level check
4C screen wash, brake fluid & oil top ups
A guide to how and where to top up your Alfa Romeo's screen wash
How to check your oil

Mito stop and start sensor
4C Gearbox removal
147/GT/156 Twin spark & JTS gear selector bush replacement.
159/Brera drive shaft removal
Giulietta stop & start gear shift sensor replacement.
MiTo 1.4 left hand differential seal replacement
How to fit a Q2 Differential
Replacing the diff seal on a Giulia
Alfa Romeo Giulia Gearbox strip and rebuild
How to Remedy a non selecting 4th Gear

Interior Bodywork
Brera drivers window switch replacement.

Giulia headlight replacement
GT/147 side light bulb replacement
Replace number plate light bulb
Alfa 156 dip beam bulb replacement

Performance parts
4C gearbox oil cooler fitment
4C Intercooler hose upgrade/change to Samco hoses.
4C Ohlins front spring replacement
4C Ohlins rear spring replacement

Servicing: Giulietta Service Light Reset.
Servicing: Checking your fluids
Servicing: Brake disc and brake pad wear
Servicing: Replacing the brake fluid
Servicing: Wiper blade and washer jet check
Servicing: Suspension, steering, hoses and gaitors check
Servicing: Checking over the lights
Servicing: Tyre condition
Servicing: Locks and door handles
Servicing: Testing brake fluid
Giulietta 1.6/2.0 48,000 mile (80,000 km) service
Giulietta 1.6/2.0 60,000 mile (100,000 km) service
Giulietta 1.6/2.0 72,000 mile (120,000 km) service
Giulietta 1.6/2.0 84,000 mile (140,000 km) service
Giulietta 1.6/2.0 96,000 mile (180,000 km) service
Giulietta 1.6/2.0 24,000 mile (40,000 km) service
Giulietta 1.6/2.0 36,000 mile (60,000 km) service
Giulietta 1.6/2.0 12,000 mile (20,000 km) service
63,000 mile, 105,000 km service on a Giulietta
72,000 mile, 120,000 km service on a Giulietta
27,000 mile, 45,000 km service on a Giulietta
81,000 90,000 99,000 108,000,117,000 126,000 service on a Giulietta
45,000 mile, 70,000km service on Giulietta
9,000 mile, 15,000 km service on a Giulietta
36,000 mile, 60,000 km service on a Giulietta
54,000 mile, 90,000km service on an Alfa Romeo Giulietta
36,000 mile, 60,000 km service on a Mito
54,000 mile, 90,000 km service on a Mito
18,000 mile, 30,000 km service on a Giulietta
18,000 mile (30,000 km) service on a Mito

4C front upper wishbone ball joint replacement
4C front lower wishbone ball joint replacement
159 Sportwagon rear shock replacement
159/Brera/Spider Front lower wishbone replacement.
159/BRERA upper wishbone removal
MiTo/Giulietta/500L front drop link removal
GTV/Spider dog leg replacement.
GTV/Spider spring pan replacement.
MiTo front spring and top mount replacement
How to set up an Alfa 4C
How to set up the front suspension on the Alfa 4C
Alfa 4C rear lower wishbone replacement
How to change the 4C front upper wishbone
Front lower wishbone replacement 156/147/GT
Replacing a roll bar link on a 156, 147 or a GT
Replacing the front wishbone on a Giulietta
Alfa 105 series lower ball joint replacement
GTV/Spider Spring Pan bush replacement guide
GTV/Spider rear wishbone bush replacement
Alfa SZ/RZ rear shock removal guide
Replacing rear radius arms on 147/156/GT
147/156/GT Upper Front Wishbone Replacement Guide
How to Replace Alfa Romeo 145/146/155 and GTV/Spider Lower Wishbones

Giulia service schedule
Stelvio service schedule
Alfa 159/Brera Diagnostics
Carburettors, a guide
Alfa Romeo 147/156/GT Problem Diagnosis Guide
GTV/Spider Fault Diagnosis Guide
Diagnosing a MAF problem

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