Alfa Romeo sellers guide

When selling you car it is very important to follow some basic guidelines, they are not complicated and they are very easy to follow

1.Clean your car inside and out and keep it clean
2.Take a little time to touch up minor paintwork damage
3.Don't let anyone test drive the car unaccompanied
4.Make sure everyone who drives the car is insured to drive it
5.Be prepared that people who test drive your car may want to push it a little, but don't let them abuse it
6.Never leave the keys in the ignition when swapping seats, if they are quicker than you, you may find yourself without a car
7.Be prepared to haggle do not loose a sale over £50
8.The car is not sold until the money is in your bank so don't let the car go until the cheque has cleared, this goes for building society cheques and bankers drafts as well
9.If you are paid cash check the notes to make sure they are not forgeries
10.If you are paid over £10,000 in cash make sure you have proof of ID for money laundering purposes
11.Ask your buyer for his address and land line number
12.If possible get the buyer to transfer money by electronic means, again don't let the car go before you are absolutely sure the money is in your bank
13.Don't fall for any trick that lets the buyer have the car before you have all the money in your bank account
14.Get a receipt for the car and make sure you both sign it
15.Make sure you fill in the correct section of the V5 registration document and send it off immediately
16.Make sure the new owner gets all of the correct paperwork

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