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How To... Change Upper Front Wishbone on an Alfa 147/156/GT

A guide to replacing the front upper wishbones on a GT, 156 and 147.


Lift up car and make sure it is safe and then remove road wheel


2. Remove shock absorber lower mounting bolt into lower wishbone.


3. Unclip brake hose and remove roll bar link from the shock absorber with the aid of 17mm spanner and 5mm allen key.


4. Undo wishbone bolt


5. Split upper wishbone outer joint using correct tool.


6. Undo the two inner bolts on the top mount of the shock absorber and tap bolts through. Pull shock absorber down.


7. Undo the two outer bolts on the top mount which secures the upper wishbone mounting bracket.


8. Ease the wishbone and mounting bracket out from above the shock absorber (it will come out honest).


9. Undo the wishbone inner mounting bolt and replace wishbone. Refit in reverse order as above.

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