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Alfa Romeo GT

All GT For Sale > GT 2.0 JTS Black line

2007 Alfa Romeo GT GT 2.0 JTS Black line

Price: £ 1,650
  • 75,000 miles
  • Black
  • RHD
  • Lowlands, United Kingdom
  • Petrol
  • Manual
  • Seller: Private

Welcome to my Listing For my Lovely Alfa Gt

I had always wanted an Alfa in my life so i searched everywhere and found this lovely model, then the fun started to happen. on the way home something fell off a truck in front of me and it went under the car and wiped out the balance belts and then the cam belt.
So 50 miles of alfa happiness i was being towed home and discussing with the insurance company about getting things sorted. this brought on more fun as the person they sent was as good as a chocolate tea pot. they reported the cam belt had snapped, ( this being a belt that had only done less than 5k) so i went to the belt manufacturer to get the belt tested. the person dealing with the belt claim had a heart attack and hasn't returned to work. This left me going ok i will just buy another engine and swap it out. Simples so purchased a Low mileage engine and then i had a subarachnoid haemorrhage and 2 brain surgeries. thus landing me in hospital for a while and being released into lockdown, fun times.
so this car has sat about for a little while and i am unable to work on it at this moment in life so i want to see it go to someone that will give its curves some love and hopefully see the road again.

-So the car has about 75k on the clock, will confirm the exact mileage shortly.
- Full Service history

- Alloys had just been refurbished and had new rubber fitted, ( these make the car)

-Low mileage replacement engine awaiting fitment to the car.

as the car has been Parked up for the insurance claim the foliage grew up just behind the car, in the wind one of the branches brushed the boot lid and has rubbed the paint down. its not a hard repair, paint shop said they would sort for £100

I wish i was able to put this back on the road but i cant see me being able to drive anything fun for a while, well till i get rehabilitated could be another couple of years or never.

as i said i would rather see this alfa go to a place of love, i have costed up breaking it and this is what the price reflects.

Any questions please get in touch,

As the car doesn't drive it requires to be trailered or dollied away ( i can arrange delivery anywhere in the country if required. additional costs would be entailed)

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Alfa Romeo GT GT 2.0 JTS Black line
Alfa Romeo GT GT 2.0 JTS Black line Alfa Romeo GT GT 2.0 JTS Black line Alfa Romeo GT GT 2.0 JTS Black line
Alfa Romeo GT GT 2.0 JTS Black line Alfa Romeo GT GT 2.0 JTS Black line Alfa Romeo GT GT 2.0 JTS Black line
Alfa Romeo GT GT 2.0 JTS Black line
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