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Alfa Romeo Giulietta 36,000 mile, 90,000 km service

Check tyre tread depth and pressure, dont forget to check the tyre side wall for damage and bulges while you are there.

Check all lights dont forget side lights, hazard lights, interior lights and dash lights.

Check fluids, screen wash engine coolant level and strength.

Check emissions and check engine management system on examiner.

Inspect bodywork and underside of car for damage and check aerodynamic aids, pipes and hoses, brake lines, rubber boots and gaiters

Check wiper blade condition and make sure screen washers work and hit the screen.

Check condition of brake disks and pads and wear warning indicator.

Change oil and filter.

Replace air filter

Check and lubricate all door locks and bonnet catch.

Check and adjust handbrake.

Check accessory drive belt.

Replace spark plugs.

Check TCT gear box oil level

Check brake fluid for water content, if unable to do so change brake fluid every two years.

Replace pollen filter.

If the vehicle is used in adverse conditions:-
Short repeated journeys less than 5 miles
Driving at sub-zero temperatures
Engine often idling
Driving long distances at low speed
Town driving
Long periods of idleness
Towing a caravan or trailer
Dusty roads

Replace cam belt.

Replace accessory drive belt

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